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“ Where order is necessary in order not to get lost; disorder is often necessary to find yourself. ”

Cru de Art

Cru De Mon, Milan, 25th floor, at this height the air is more precious and the sky is closer, ideas don't come, but explode. Classical real estate was no longer enough for us, we needed to shape the idea, we needed Art. From that distortion of thought of Massimiliano Pianta and Domenico Galeotti, with the advice of the trusted Alessandro Allevato and with the careful and irreverent care of Luca Cantore D'Amore, Cru De Art was born, the most perverse and irrational guise of Cru De Mon. With this conviction we began to make the two dimensions coexist and to make them walk together through our first "diptych" project; GAD - Domestic Art Gallery. "The works of art in its natural environment, i.e. the house".


Marta Volonté

Saverio di Spirito

Giordano Floreancig

Andrea Marcaccini

Daniele Mazzoleni

Marco Tamburro